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By Richard Hines

This being a fiscal year in Louisiana, the 2011 Legislative Session was concerned with balancing the budget and re-drawing districts. With several oil and gas plays ongoing, all eyes were on Baton Rouge as they looked for revenue, so taxing oil and gas interest looked good to the politicians; but none of those bills seem to make it out committee. In the meantime several laws were passed, like the Bill for Helicopter Safety for our crews in the gulf; the bill that declares the powers of our local Levee Districts, as well as the adoption of rules on year-round oyster consumption.

Several interesting laws were passed that, if they become effective, may impact your oil and gas operations—like the one for the study of the remediation of the “legacy” and orphaned oilfield sites and the one that provides that the gulfward Louisiana boundary extends into the Gulf of Mexico three leagues or a little more than 10 miles!

Guess they figured out the royalty is worth more than they could get from a tax increase.

We had some close calls on bills not making it back to the floor for a vote: one concerning prescription of the time to recover the payment on royalties, from three to ten years; another with changes to unitization rules; and, yes, even a transportation tax on natural gas as it passes through the pipelines under our feet. With re-districting looming, along with a $25 billion state budget and a $3.8 billion construction budget needing funding, all bets were off. Tops, Higher Ed, the SUNO-UNO merger, and even welfare drug testing were all on the table.

What appeared to be a meltdown turned into no big deal as lawmakers used maneuvers like raiding certain fund accounts and using federal money grants. Education and health care survived the axe, this year. The 4-cent cigarette tax renewal passed as it was tacked on to the Tops bill at the last minute. This maneuver saved Gov. Jindal from having to sign a tax bill (he proclaimed no tax would pass his desk). By making it a constitutional amendment, he avoided having to veto the renewal.

Interesting times indeed; the legislators drew new districts by population and several parishes state offices got hammered like in St. Landry, while New Orleans got more compact districts and central Louisiana districts got spread out. We lost one of our congressional districts, meaning two of our local congressman will have to run against each other.

Also, LAPL friend Scott Angelle came back to Department of Natural Resources after a stint as Assistant Governor - I mean Lieutenant Governor. Apparently, it isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. He is a very effective negotiator; just ask Governor Jindal who tapped him as his legislative liaison. Next time you see Scott, tell him to run for higher office—he is a natural. All in all not much got done in this year’s 60-day session. We started out with $1.6 billion shortfall but ended up with a
balanced budget. Spending guidelines, contingencies, and the like kept the term-limited legislators in line with the governor.

Here is a list of the Louisiana Acts mentioned above:


Urges and requests the DNR, Conservation, AG, DEQ, to study the remediation of "legacy" and orphaned exploration and production oilfield sites.


Provides that in order to allow the individual lessee to lease lands from the state in preference to syndicated landholders or corporations, no lease will cover a larger area than 640 acres of public land, which area must be contiguous. Further provided that no lessee may own more than one such lease at one time. Act does not apply to White Lake lands.


Provides for safe transportation of offshore oil platform workers.


Revises provisions relative to the rights and powers of levee districts.


Provides relative to the gulfward boundary and coastline of Louisiana extends a distance into the Gulf of Mexico 3 marine leagues from the coastline or 10.357 statute miles.


Requests the Governor's Office of Coastal Activities and the office of coastal protection and restoration to support the establishment of state seashore and the restoration of the habitat.


Provides relative to oysters leases, precludes liability to an oyster lease arising from oil and gas activities permitted
prior to filing a new oyster lease for the same property.

Here are Laws from other States that may be of interest:


An Act that prohibits any covenant or lien from being binding on or enforceable against any subsequent owner, purchaser, or holder of any mortgage, deed of trust, or other security interest encumbering the affected real property.


An Act to regulate coal bed methane wells via alternative spacing rules.


A newly-formed Oil and Gas Leasing Commission will to allow oil and gas drilling on state-owned lands, including within state parks and forests and will advertise those lands open for drilling and oversee the competitive bidding process.


An Act that eliminates the requirement that any wind or solar energy agreement shall not interfere with or supersede any entity’s right to obtain easements.

An Act that stipulates that certain parties may not unreasonably interfere with the mineral owner’s right to reasonably use the surface estate.  The bill also stipulates that a wind energy developer must provide a notice of intent at least 30 days prior to beginning construction of wind energy facilities. 

An Act that removes the fiduciary duty on the applicant or the operator of a well spacing and drilling unit or in the operation of a well drilled in the unit.

An Act that gives the OCC authority to authorize units larger than those allowed in the historical scheme, in particular with laterals exceeding five thousand two hundred eighty (5,280) feet in length.  Units may be two governmental sections; however, the OCC may expand a given unit up to four governmental sections if necessary. 

An act amending State Law by requiring that operators negotiate “in good faith” in settling surface damages.


An act that proposes to levy a $10,000 base impact fee on natural gas drillers in the Marcellus Shale.


An Act that would create natural gas horizontal well control act. FORCED POOLING

Here are some new Public Land laws and changes:


Operators on federal and Indian lands are forced to use bonding as per Onshore Order #1. Wildland Suit (Red Rock Wilderness Act) Millions of acres designated as wilderness with restrictions.


Federal Exploratory Units established, discussing term change to 5 years. With new threatened species identified making acreage off limits.


Pennsylvania moratorium on development on Forest Lands.
New York moratorium on development expired July 1, 2011, but still no drilling.
Virginia Horizontal drilling ban in National Forest.
Arkansas lawsuit on environmental impact statement required for Hydraulic Fracturing operations.

Here are some State regulatory changes that may be of interest:


Permitting and notice requirements for coal bed methane wells.


Joint Committee on Marcellus Shale activity formed, new legislation to follow.


New Hydraulic Fracturing regulations put into place relating to High Volume Fracturing.


Pipeline regulations are on their way! Requires operators provide precise location and other emergency response information only to unconventional wells.


Disclosure and composition of fracturing fluids by operators will be required in 2012.



Richard Hines is a partner and vice president of American Data Corporation. He has been an active contributor and leader in the LAPL and AAPL.

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Leasing, title, due diligence. Experience required.

Send resume to


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Experience required (group leader and brokers).

Title, leasing, due diligence.

Call 337-849-3121.

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Leasing, title, in-house due diligence. Experience a must.

Send resume to:

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2012 LAPL Directory

The 2012 LAPL Directory Advertising Blitz is on - and that means it's time for you to reserve ad space for your company. This brand new Photo Directory (the first since 2008) is a great way to promote your company's name and marketing messages to Professional Landmen and related companies throughout the region.


We offer several different ad sizes and make it easy for you to submit your ad materials - just click on the attached Ad Form for all the details. But you have to hurry because the deadline for submitting ads is October 28, 2011.


For more information or to submit your ad, please contact Yvonne Mitchell at or call 337-237-7788. For technical questions, contact Steve Angers at or call 337-233-9046.


We urge you to be a part of the new 2012 LAPL Photo Directory by taking advantage of this marketing opportunity today. And as always, we thank you for your ongoing support of LAPL.


Warm regards,

The 2012 LAPL Photo Directory Committee


Download Advertising Registration Form

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Photos from the September "Safety Meeting" at the Blue Dog Cafe can be viewed by clicking on the link in the Past Events section on the Home page. About 15 people attended, along with some potential members and guests.

Thanks again to Totaland Technologies for covering the first $300 of the tab. Thanks also to members of the LAPL Executive Committee who worked hard to make the event such a great success.

Our next "Safety Meeting" is slated for 5 p.m., Thursday, October 20, at the Blue Dog. Contact Martha Mills at or 337-231-5877 if you're interested in sponsoring an unofficial LAPL "Safety Meeting".

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Please click on the link for the LAPL Kickoff party in the Past Events box to see photos from the event. Thank you, Chad Landry, for all your hard work and beautiful photographs!

For those of you who need to renew your membership, David Deville says to check your (snail) mail for membership renewal forms. You may also visit and use PayPal to complete your registration. If you have any questions, contact David at or 337-237-1296.

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Check out pictures from LAPL's first unofficial "Safety Meeting" in August at the Blue Dog Cafe. About 23 people attended, enjoying the opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with friends in the land business. You can view photos by clicking on the link in the Events section.

Thanks again to our sponsor Chasity Hooks & Associates, a local CPA firm specializing the accounting needs of the land industry. She covered the first $300 of the tab. Thanks also to members of the LAPL Executive Committee who worked hard to make the event such a great success.

Our next "Safety Meeting" is slated for 5 p.m., Thursday, September 15, at the Blue Dog. Contact Martha Mills at or 337-231-5877 if you're interested in sponsoring an unofficial LAPL "Safety Meeting".

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Fellow LAPL members,


On behalf of LAPL I would like to thank all of you who attended the 2011 LAPL Charity Crawfish Boil.  This year’s event was another great success story for the event and for LAPL.  A total of 388 tickets were in circulation with 326 in actual attendance, both numbers up from the past 5 years. The weather was perfect for a night outdoors with not a cloud or mosquito in sight. With over 1,600 pounds of crawfish, 100 pounds of potatoes, 300 cobs of corn, 5 gallons of crawfish dip, 1 giant pot of jambalaya, 8 cases of soft drinks and 4 kegs of beer consumed, I believe it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all.


LAPL would like to extend a big “Thank You” to LAPL members Sarah Richard (Crawfish Boil Co-Chair), Chris Roy, Carolyn Savoy, Keith Dronet, Tim Ledet, Thomas Simon and Keith Hebert for donating their time and efforts to the cause, and also another big “Thank You” to UL students Ross Richard, Catherine Bergeron, Cory Vincent, Brandon Comeaux and Brandon Chatham for working the night of the event.


Please help us in extending our gratitude to the 36 very generous sponsors set out below who donated $17,800.00 to the cause.  Without the generosity of these gracious sponsors, this event, which does so much to help the less fortunate in our community, would not exist.


After deducting all expenses, LAPL was able to show a profit of $13,401.12 for this event.  These funds were donated to three local beneficiaries which perform valuable services for our community. Lafayette Association of Retarded Citizens (LARC) received one half of the funds, being $6,700.56, Miles Perret Cancer Services received one fourth of the funds, being $3,350.28, and The LAPL Scholarship Fund received one fourth of the funds, being $3,350.28.


Once again thanks to all of you for making this event a continued success and hope to see you again next year.





David P. Orgeron

Crawfish Boil Co-Chair



Facility Sponsors - Beta Land Services, LLC; C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates, Inc.; Chesapeake Energy Corporation; and Schoeffler Energy Group, Inc.


Platinum Sponsors - Suncoast Land Services, Inc.; and Carmouche Land Services


Gold Sponsors – PetroQuest Energy, LLC; iLandman; Acadian Land Services; Atkins (PBS&J); C & C Technologies, Inc.; Stone Energy Corporation; Gordon, Arata, McCollam, Duplantis, Oil Land Services, Inc.; XTO Energy, Inc.; Mayhall & Blaize; M & J Land Services; Dynamic Exploration Partners, LLC; and PHI, Inc.


Silver Sponsors - Pride Oil & Gas Properties; Miami Corporation; Stratagraph, Inc.; Allen & Kirmse, Ltd; Shoreline Energy, LLC; Mack Energy Company; Michael J. Broussard Land Services, Inc.; Liskow & Lewis; Badger Oil Corporation; TotaLand Technologies, Inc.; Mantra Land Services, LLC; Simon Land Services, Inc.; and Ellerbe & Harrison


Bronze Sponsors - Keith T. Hebert, CPL; Christopher J. Roy, CPL; Watson Report Service; and Labanowski & Associates

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Every year when the Louisiana Legislature convenes for its regular session I go through the filed Bills to see what is of interest to the Oil & Gas Industry as well as Landmen in general.


Here is my list for the 2011 Regular Legislative Session, this is not an exhaustive list of all the bills filed only those I have deemed of interest.



Richard Hines
337.234.1125 office
337.247.4285 cell


2011 Legislative Session - Oil related bills
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Have you ever wanted to get more involved with the behind-the-scenes work of your LAPL?  Well, you are in luck…

The LAPL holds elections every Spring to determine the makeup of the next year’s Executive Committee, and ballots will be going out soon.  While we have candidates for all of the positions listed below, we would like to encourage anyone interested to throw his or her hat in the ring. 

1st Vice President

2nd Vice President



LAPL Director (2)

AAPL Director


This is by no means a negative reflection on our current slate—it’s just that some have been volunteering for quite some time and it’s always a good idea to cycle in new energy, ideas and opinions.

Yes, there is a time commitment, but you will have the opportunity to get involved in exciting activities and substantial decisions affecting the future of our Association.  I hope you will give it serious consideration.

If you are interested, or simply have questions, please contact Thomas Simon (337-501-8667) or Bill Justice (337-278-4918) prior to 5:00 p.m. Monday April 25 (yes, that’s this coming Monday).

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AAPL Director’s Report – March 2011 Board of Directors Meeting

The March, 2011 AAPL Board Meeting proceeded without incident under the capable direction of current AAPL President Steve Wentworth.  We received reports on Winter NAPE 2011, which showed a rebound by tying the 2008 record of 15,700 attendees.  With 1,640 booths, the NAPE Conference, Heroes Luncheon and International Forum, visitors had plenty to occupy their time and certainly got their money’s worth.

The operational changes that we voted onin 2009 have been in place for over a year now, and I am even further convinced that those changes were appropriate.  Allowing Robin Forte to concentrate his efforts on NAPE, and bringing in Marty Schardt to run the numerous other aspects of the AAPL has put the entire enterprise on a new footing--poised for both growth and servicing of the membership.  On the other hand, as these significant changes have been taking place, some differences have arisen between Robin Forte and the AAPL Executive Committee which will require arbitration to settle.  We expect everything to be resolved in the next month or two and will provide more details at that time.

Due largely to the financial success of NAPE, the AAPL’s finances remain strong enough to carry out its mission of serving the industry through education, representation and networking opportunities.  Along with the dedication to rebuild (see below), the AAPL is greatly expanding educational opportunities through Field Landman seminars.  You can find more information about these seminars in Landman magazine, or by calling either the AAPL or contacting me.

One change of significance to many LAPL members is the relaxing of the requirement that RPLs have a college degree.  Please feel free to call me or refer to for full details.

The IT/Website committee has been very active in its endeavor to rebuild from the ground up, with the goal of creating a website capable of meeting and exceeding the numerous and various needs of the AAPL membership.  Being on the committee, I can confirm that this challenge is being taken very seriously, and that we fully expect to end up with an application that every landman will want to visit at least once per day.

I have just recently been appointed to the AAPL Public Lands Committee.  Please feel free to contact me with either questions or information that will be valuable to fellow AAPL members.

The AAPL Annual Meeting is coming up in early June and being held in Boston.  I strongly recommend that every AAPL member take advantage of the opportunity to network, receive continuing education credits, and enjoy the many attractions of a city like Boston.

For information, questions or concerns, I can be reached at 337-231-5877 or

Bill Justice

AAPL Director – Region I - Lafayette

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Thursday, May 5, 2011, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Acadian Village for LAPL Members, Spouses and Guests


ALL YOU CAN EAT SELECT CRAWFISH, Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya, Free Beer, Soft Drinks & Bottled Water


DJ & Live Musician Matt Castille


$25.00/person in advance, $40.00/person at the door


Funds generated by this event will be donated by LAPL to the Lafayette Association for Retarded Citizens (LARC), Miles Perret Cancer Services and the LAPL Scholarship Endowment Fund.





Facility - $1,200

Exclusive key recognition as a FACILITY SPONSOR of the LAPL CHARITY CRAWFISH BOIL with Banner and special recognition announced in advertising the event and on FACILITY SPONSORSHIP BOARD.

Facility Sponsorship Award

8 tickets to the Crawfish Boil, Sponsor Recognition and Sponsor Award


Platinum - $1,000

Key recognition as a PLATINUM SPONSOR of the LAPL CHARITY CRAWFISH BOIL with Banner and special recognition announced in advertising the event and on PLATINUM SPONSORSHIP BOARD.

Platinum Sponsorship Award

6 tickets to the Crawfish Boil, Sponsor Recognition and Sponsor Award


Gold - $500

Key recognition as a GOLD SPONSOR of the LAPL CHARITY CRAWFISH BOIL with Banner and special recognition announced in advertising the event and on GOLD SPONSORSHIP BOARD.

4 tickets to the Crawfish Boil, Sponsor Recognition and Sponsor Award


Silver - $300

Key recognition as a SILVER SPONSOR of the LAPL CHARITY CRAWFISH BOIL with Banner and special recognition announced in advertising the event and on SILVER SPONSORSHIP BOARD.

2 tickets to the Crawfish Boil, Sponsor Recognition and Sponsor Award


Bronze - $150

Key recognition as a BRONZE SPONSOR of the LAPL CHARITY CRAWFISH BOIL with Banner and special recognition announced in advertising the event and on BRONZE SPONSORSHIP BOARD.

1 ticket to the Crawfish Boil



Make all checks payable to LAPL and return to Sarah E. Richard, 141 Ridgeway Drive, Ste. 102, Lafayette, LA 70503.  (337-945-7528)


Tickets available for sale and pick up from the following:


Keith Dronet

Art LeBlanc & Assoc.

Oil Center

200 Heymann Blvd.

Lafayette, LA 70503



Tim Ledet                                                                              

Mack Energy Co.                                                                   

5000 Amb. Caff. Pkwy                                 

Building 15A                                                                         

Lafayette, LA 70508                                                                         



David Orgeron

PetroQuest Energy

400 E. Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Lafayette, LA 70508





David P. Orgeron (337) 262-8151 (

Sarah E. Richard (337) 945-7528 (   

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The link below provides information and a copy of the registration form for the May 20, 2011, educational seminar to be held at A'la Carte.


Spring 2011 Seminar
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Click on the link to get information and a copy of the entry form for the 2011 LAPL Golf Tournament.


Golf ad
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Please note that the LAPL March evening meeting will be held Friday, not Thursday as printed in the current issue of the newsletter.

Social begins at 5:30 p.m., meeting at 6 p.m., Don's Seafood, downtown. Martin J. Schardt, AAPL Excutive Vice President, is the scheduled speaker.

LAPL will give away two tickets to our annual crawfish boil and a chance to win a free membership for next year. You must be present to win.

Plan on staying for Downtown Alive!

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Be sure to go to the job bank to check out several new job postings.
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Director’s Report

December, 2010

The December, 2010 AAPL Board Meeting took place earlier this month and went smoothly, with mostly routine items being discussed and voted on.  With NAPE right around the corner, there was much discussion about its sound financial shape and anticipated increase in exhibitors and attendees.  In addition to the usual catalyst role of providing a forum to facilitate deals, NAPE 2011 will once again feature a full-day conference entitled “Hot Prospecting in Unconventional Times”.  The full-day format was introduced at Summer NAPE 2010 and sold out quickly.

For those not familiar with the NAPE American Heroes Luncheon, it raises money to support severely wounded American veterans and is pleased to feature special guest LeAnn Rimes.  I urge everyone to sign up for this worthy and inspirational event.

AAPL President Steve Wentworth of EOG Resources will be the speaker at the January LAPL luncheon.  Steve has already demonstrated leadership and effectiveness as AAPL President and I hope everyone will come out to hear him speak.

AAPL’s education calendar is impressive with classes scheduled all over the country.  A complete list of upcoming events is available at  Speaking of the website, I mentioned previously that both Richard Hines and I are serving on the IT/Website committee, the mission of which is to redesign and rebuild the AAPL’s website from the ground up.  We are making tremendous progress and I am excited about how the vision is coming together.  Steve Wentworth and the entire Board of Directors are squarely behind this effort to create the best possible venue for landmen of all experience and responsibility levels.  A questionnaire was sent out to all members last week, so please take the opportunity to be heard.

For questions or concerns, I can be reached at 337-231-5877 or

Bill Justice

AAPL Director – Region I - Lafayette