From the Membership Chairman, Mandy Barrilleaux, RPL

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Mandy Barrilleaux, RPL


Welcome back to all of our wonderful members!!!!! I’m so happy to serve as your Membership Chairman again this year. September 1st marked the official new year for the LAPL, so please keep an eye out for the LAPL Membership Renewal form. This form is for you to review, make changes to and return to us, and will help us in making sure that we have all of your current and up to date information, so that you receive your newsletters, emails and any other information that we send out throughout the year. There is also an option to make all of these changes, renew and pay for your membership online.

I would like to share with all of you some important reasons why being or becoming a member is so beneficial.   LAPL events bring together hundreds of landmen from around the community, surrounding communities and even other states to provide outstanding networking opportunities for members.

With our newsletter, website, member directory, social events, and educational opportunities, etc., LAPL provides access to qualified landmen throughout our area through one of the largest local job networks in the energy industry.

Monthly luncheons provide an opportunity to learn about current events and legal issues in our ever-changing industry, as well as an opportunity for networking. Points/credits are available; however, the education provided is stellar and a bonus to all in our industry. 

Safety Meetings, which is our tongue-in-cheek term for a social, primarily take place on the third Thursday of every month from 5 until 8.

The LAPL awards scholarships to students in the ULL PLRM Program based on merit.

LAPL hosts at least 9 educational programs, meetings and seminars locally each year to help members stay competitive in an ever-shifting industry. Both the LAPL Spring Seminar and the Fall Seminar offer no less than 7 credits each at an extremely affordable price. Our monthly luncheons are $20 and include a full meal. Every hour of education provided is AAPL certified and counts towards continuing education points. However, all members are encouraged to further their education and attend these events as they are good networking opportunities as well.  Membership in LAPL makes you a part of a united voice to seek what is best for the energy industry.

LAPL supports the interests of landmen by being proactive on key legislative issues such as licensing and taxes. Our association works closely with AAPL and other Louisiana Associations to protect our landman industry from harmful legislation.  LAPL is currently spearheading an effort to combine our resources with AAPL and our sister in-state Associations to create a Louisiana Coalition, which will provide a higher level of protection against such legislation. 

I hope that you consider becoming a member if you aren’t already one or taking the time to talk to a fellow colleague about your experience being a member. Thank you to all of our wonderful and dedicated members! Without you, none of this would be possible. Let’s make 2016-2017 another one for the books!



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