From the AAPL Director Damon R. Weger, CPL

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Damon R. Weger, CPL


It’s time to dust off your tools (computers, pens, maps, etc.) and get ready for 2017!  The bottom is hopefully behind us and we can begin to concentrate on new projects. 

There are many changes in the type of work that landmen perform and new tools to get the work done.  We are also expected to be more mobile since much of the work is in other states.  Gone are the days that we could settle in on a years-long seismic/leasing project in Louisiana.  Much of our skills now have to incorporate some elements of due-diligence knowledge and other states’ laws as they apply to our industry.

Leading through these changes can be an exciting time to be in our industry.  We will have to adapt to using different tools, but that’s what land professional do – we adapt.

Here are some of the ways that AAPL is trying to assist its members with our ever-evolving industry (as taken from points given by Melanie Bell – AAPL Executive VP):

·       Assist in the development of additional AAPL model forms for industry use

·       Further expand educational offerings and develop new AAPL-owned JOA course content

·       Facilitate greater opportunities for members to access certification, education and exams

·       Implement new Annual Meeting Model to enhance member networking and education

·       Develop a nontraditional mentoring program using technology to help members come together to learn from one another

·       Enhance AAPL’s NAPE position for the long term

·       Implement AAPL leader’s strategic directives

·       Continue reset of overhead expenses to better balance long- and short-term association goals

Locally, your LAPL leadership is looking at AAPL’s position on several of the listed objectives and how we can better serve our members with the recent losses to our membership numbers.  If anyone has a suggestion, please call one of your LAPL committee chairmen to let us know what you are thinking. 

NAPE Summit takes place February 15-17 in Houston.  If there is any way possible to make it there, is should be a great networking opportunity.  It is also worth noting that NAPE Summit and Summer NAPE in Houston will be the only expos put on by AAPL this year since there has been a hold put on other satellite NAPE shows.

As always, thank you all for your continued support and may God Bless each of you.



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