From the 2nd VP Lee Sonnier III

by: Martha Mills at 3/14/2017 7:39:11 PM | Viewed 848 times.

Mardi Gras is over and the Lenten season has begun, which reminds us all of the sacrifices we should be making in our daily lives. Energy prices seem be dropping again due to another supply glut, which is an uneasy feeling for all in our industry. 

As energy prices fluctuate we are often asked to hurry up and wait as projects die and then become a priority once again.  This back and forth struggle seems to test our knowledge and fortitude on a daily basis which can frustrate even the most experienced.

During these periods of back and forth we must be ready to be our best in all situations, enhancing the current project when times are hectic and bettering ourselves in the sluggish times.  This means taking advantage of learning opportunities while we have idle time waiting for the next opening.  The knowledge we search for comes in many forms and is readily available to those who seek it, especially here in Lafayette.

First, don’t forget the details and remember the mistakes you have made and the lessons you have learned from those mistakes.  Don’t forget your landowners, clients and peers and make sure you keep a good relationship with your past associates because you will talk to them again.  Keep good notes and always write down contact names and phone numbers. Maintain superior records, complete files and preserve vetted documents for future use.

Secondly, get involved, sponsor a new member in LAPL, go to safety meetings, run for an EC position and most of all attend educational events.  The LAPL and AAPL offer many events that allow you to learn more about your industry while providing you with continuing education credits and a venue to network.  Register for a PLRM class at ULL if you have not already done so, they are unique to our area and will validate your career choice. 

Additionally, some might have to extend their range and travel out of their comfort area.  This means travel away from home and family which adds extra stress, therefore, please be aware, stay safe and take the time to explore other regional associations and what they have to offer.  Explore new opportunities in these other regions in which to utilize your talent and knowledge, like road/utility right of way and cellular tower site acquisition or even alterative energy employment.

Lastly, we are in the era of more for less, saving money, being innovative through technology and of course time management.  Use the resources offered to you to become a well rounded professional. I’m sure all of you have heard the saying:  low cost, quick or accuracy, pick two.  It is said that you cannot be swift, inexpensive and precise all at the same time but I think in these trying times we will be tasked to accomplish all three in order to compete.





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