From the President Pete Van Der Veldt

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Pete Van Der Veldt


Water’s Boiling & Balls Will Be Soaring!


Well it’s here, and we could not have made it possible without the generosity of our Sponsors.  I wish to first thank and recognize the following for stepping up:


Beta Land Services, LLC

Schoeffler Energy Group, Inc.

Mack Energy Co.

Scorpion Land Services, LLC

Petroquest Energy, LLC

Liskow & Lewis

Penterra Services, LLC

Onebane Law Firm

Bullen & Plauche, LLC

Orbit Energy, Inc.

Planet Operating, LLC

C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates


Sterling Automotive


Synergy Land Group, LLC

MKM & Associates, Inc.

Oil Land Services, Inc.

Mark A. O’Neal & Associates, Inc.

Trinity Energy, LLC

Gateway Land Services, LLC

Milling Benson Woodward, LLP

Audubon Energy, LLC

Hyland Abstracting, LLC

Stone Energy Corporation


Thank you for your support and making these events possible! 


I also want to thank everyone on the Executive Committee for their assistance and hard work in moving these events forward.  Most are not aware, but due to the decline in membership and the industry, the LAPL was unable to make scholarships available for the ULL Petroleum Land & Resource Management students this Spring.  On my watch, and the first time I’m aware of.  Therefore, any “meat left on the bone” from the events this week will ensure scholarships will be available next time around no matter what the future holds. So, get online, buy your tickets and attend the boil! Let’s make these events a success!


There have been flurries of activity in recent months and I hope everyone is overwhelmed with work. Hopefully, this is a sign of more things to come. That said, we continue to have openings this year for Safety Meetings and I thank S. Paul Provenza for filling the void this past March meeting at the Tap Room.  I know everyone who attended had a great time.  Also, we will soon be moving forward with elections and this is your opportunity to serve and better our organization.  Be looking for the announcements and throw your hat in the ring.  I extend my sincerest thanks for those who have served, and continue to serve and support the LAPL.



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