AAPL Director's Report by Richard Hines, CPL

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Richard Hines

AAPL Director


Thanks all for the honor to represent LAPL on the AAPL Board as Director, I am humbled and appreciate the opportunity. I am your voice to the National Association, from concerns and issues to Thank you and congratulations; please let me know if you need anything. I will report quarterly on our meetings and things that affect your AAPL membership.


The September Quarterly meeting was held at Nemocolin Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania, which is about 1 ½ hour south of Pittsburgh. Beautiful setting in the rolling hills near the West Virginia border, if you ever get up that way check out Nemocolin, lots for all members of family to do.


The AAPL Board voted to establish a disaster relief fund to aid AAPL members in a time-of-need.   AAPL seeded the fund with $500,000 and has committed an additional $500,000 in matching funds, so they will match your donations dollar-for-dollar up to that amount.  In addition to the AAPL matching funds, the AAPL Educational Foundation has agreed to match donations to the disaster relief fund dollar-for-dollar up to $250,000.00 dollars.  The Educational Foundation will administer this fund under their umbrella since it is a 501(C3) organization and all donations to the fund will be tax deductible.  You will receive a letter your tax records. 


If you would like to make a donation or have been affected by a natural disaster, please send your donation or information to:


          AAPL Educational Foundation Inc. – Disaster Relief

          800 Fournier St.

          Fort Worth, Texas 76102


The Disaster Relief Fund will only be available to AAPL members.  The fund is AAPL’s way of giving back to the members.


AAPL is establishing a Mentoring Program for Landmen, both Mentors and Mentee’s are needed. If you want to establish yourself in new areas or focus areas this is a great relationship tool. For those students and new landmen the mentoring program will allow you to ask questions and advice to seasoned landmen about land and employment related issues.


Proctors are needed for Test and re-take Test in all areas including Lafayette, LA; CPL certification is required.


Currently AAPL has 16,346 members, 23% are CPL’s. The Annual Meeting in Seattle was a great success with approximately 500 members attending. Summer NAPE was also a success, larger this year than last year with more sponsors, more booths and more attendees.


Copas has now been added to Contract Room along with the JOA agreements for 2015, 1989 and 1982, and confidentiality agreements. Contract room is the new Forms and Contract technology made available from AAPL.


Please stay tuned for an Independent Contractor Workshop coming up in late October or November to assist all independent landmen with IRS and Dept of Labor rules and regulations.


Thanks again for your support and confidence, I am here to help you should the need arise.




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