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Job:  Title Landman - Louisiana (contract)

Job Description:  See below

Availability:  Immediate

Project Duration:  2 months to 1 year

Please apply online:

GOAL: As a Title Landman, you will be responsible for independently running full mineral and surface title, conducting online and / or courthouse research and preparing detailed lease packets. You will be responsible for the deliverables from start to finish, with as-needed support from the team leaders and written documents detailing project requirements.

As a Lease Acquisition Landman, you will be responsible for preparing the Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease, negotiations with the mineral owners and properly obtaining and witnessing the Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases.


-       Run title from the source deed to present on oil & gas properties located in Louisiana.

-       Understand and have knowledge of Louisiana Mineral Law and Mineral Servitudes.

-       Prepare lease packets for all properties researched. Include copies of all appropriate documents, completed runsheets, mineral and surface ownership reports, and interest flow charts if needed.

-       Research production information using public data websites and report on such information

-       Deliver accurate mineral and surface title reports and prepare lease packets based on detailed specifications

-       Follow written and verbal instructions

-       Complete tasks independently, accurately and timely


· Minimum of  4 years of Louisiana experience running mineral and surface title, preparing title abstracts and preparation of title run sheets.

· Proficient in the use of Microsoft Excel, Word, and online collaboration and file sharing sites.

· Excellent research skills and attention to detail

· Self-motivated, strong ethics and ability to work with minimal supervision

· Active AAPL membership


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