From a Past President, Keith T. Hebert, CPL

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Keith T. Hebert, CPL


Obviously, things have changed positively in our industry as indicated by the  increase in the number of projects around the country, especially in areas like the Permian Basin and EOG’s large Austin Chalk play in South Louisiana, etc.  Although the lower price of oil and gas coupled with the proliferation of legacy lawsuits in Louisiana, has forced many companies to scale back, postpone or cancel some drilling prospects, the amount of work available to independent landmen is much better today than a year ago.  Yet because of the grit and character of landmen, we must hang in there as we all ride out the ups and downs of this industry. 


Although there are factors which we cannot control, there are actions we can take during these times of uncertainty.  Consider enhancing our education within our profession by attending LAPL and AAPL sponsored seminars; attend seminars offered by the state dealing with the SONRIS system which is being updated on a regular base; take note of and properly maintain continuing education requirements; follow issues facing the land profession in Landman and Landman 2 magazines and maybe get involved in furthering those causes which will bolster and strengthen professionalism within our industry; volunteer to help within LAPL, AAPL and other industry related organizations.  And all these things can be done while we continue networking and working in the profession we’ve all come to enjoy!


We’ve all seen positive and encouraging moves within the Trump Administration to help bolster our American economy, which can lead to greater prosperity and opportunities for our beloved country.  However, let us remain cognizant of what really matters as we strive to adhere to the lesson taught to us all by the greatest person who has ever walked on this earth as Jesus Christ, at the Last Supper, taught his disciples to serve and not wait to be served.


God bless and may the peace of God Our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and yours!


Keith Hebert














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Thank you Keith, always an inspiration.
by: DAVID DEVILLE at 12/6/2017 3:17:44 PM