Our History

The Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen, Inc. is a non-profit Professional Association organized to further the knowledge and interest of Professional Landmen, and to better acquaint the public with the industry and with the scope of the Landman's work.

Our organization began in 1947 with approximately 20 men representing 12 companies. The limited membership, pressing responsibilities, and demands of the industry prevented many from attending meetings. Efforts to keep the organization alive were unsuccessful.

The accelerated growth of South Louisiana petroleum operations, however, soon increased the number of resident landmen eligible for membership in the Association. In 1951, the second attempt to organize was successful with a membership of over 50 landmen. At the organizational meeting, Joe Rodgers with Sun Oil Company was elected the Association's first president.

The current membership stands at over 275 persons engaged in or associated with Professional Landwork. LAPL has, since its reorganization, been a vigorous group, dedicated to the promotion of industry objectives and sponsoring traditional social activities for its members, spouses and guests. It has organized educational seminars independently and in association with the American Association of Professional Landmen, including seminars for the Certified Professional Landman designation.

The Association has presented speakers prominent in the industry, legal professionals, local, state and national representatives as well as officials directly associated with governing and regulating the land and legal sector of the petroleum industry.

Our Association has also been active in local civic affairs and supports the Petroleum Land and Resource Management curriculum at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen, Inc.

P.O. Box 53491, Lafayette, LA 70505

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